What is the creamiest bar of soap made?

Published: 06th August 2010
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"BE GREEN" Goat Milk and Soap Nut Soap

What is the creamiest bar of soap on Earth? It has to be Goat's Milk soap. Why? Because Goat's

Milk soap is made from fresh goats milk that's loaded with live enzymes which have the same Ph as

your skin so it blends beautifully into every skin cell. When combined with Shea Butter, these two

ingredients bond together to create a formula that simply can't be beat!

NOW....add Soap Nut Liquid. What's a Soap Nut? It's actually a dried berry from the Sapindus

Mukorossi tree that grows in Nepal and India. Soap Nuts have a natural and gentle soapy property

that cleans gently, but thoroughly with NO HARSH CHEMICALS. Soap Nuts have actually been

around a long time, but are just now being discoverd here in the US.

So contained in a single bar of Be Green Goats Milk and Soap Nut bath bar you will receive all of the

best ingredients money can buy for softer, cleaner skin.

Here are the benefits: Goats Milk:

contains Numerous proteins and minerals that sink deeply into the skin cells to rejuvinate and

restore elasticity

helps kill acne-causing bacteria
PH balanced for totally creamy skin protection
Gentle exfoliation from live enzymes and vitamins

Soap Nut Liquid:

Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal naturally without any harsh chemicals
Totally hypo-allergenic and completely safe for newborns,babies,kids and adults

Be Green Goat Milk and Soap Nut Soap is great for body and face.

It's simply the most silky,emollient bar of bath soap on Earth...period.

Get yours here: www.greenproductsconnection.com

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